About Kooboo CMS

This website is served up via a Content Management System called Kooboo.  Kooboo is a free, open-source CMS, hosted on GitHub and created by a talented team of developers that work for Yardi Technology Limited, based in Xiamen, China.  The developers are a passionate group of individuals that embrace the latest technology and practices with enthusiasm.  The result of which is that Kooboo CMS is at the fore-front of the software frontier.

It is written in C# and uses Microsoft MVC as it's underlying web-infrastructure.  That said, the team are currently hard at work, furiously adapting the source code to make use of Microsoft Asp vNext and all the enhancements that it offers, even though the Microsoft have only released and Alpha version at the time this was written.

As a CMS, Kooboo is not suited for everyone.  Whilst the back-end user interface is clean, simple and logical, it can still take a relatively high level of skill to use, compared to WordPress, Joomla and other popular competitors.  I don't necessarily view this as a bad thing though; it seems to me that Kooboo is aimed more at catering for the skilled-developer market than it is at attracting the average person on the street.  By eliminating the hand-holding and spoon-feeding from the equation, the developer is left with much more power and control at their fingertips.

It's the no-nonsence developer-centric approach, combined with the adoption of cutting-edge technology and techniques that made me choose Kooboo as my tool of choice.

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  • Kooboo Http Data Rules
    When version 4.3 of Kooboo CMS was released it included the ability for a new type of data rule, the Http Data Rule. I’ve seen nothing written about this functionality, even no mention in the official documentation. This surprises me as I can see huge potential for this feature in a CMS. So here is a brief overview of what it is.
  • Kooboo Related Resources
    There are quite a few projects and resources related to Kooboo. They are however quite spread out over the web and can be tricky to track down. I have added a "Kooboo tips and tricks" page to try and assist others with this process. The following information should be of use to anyone looking to venture down the Kooboo path
  • Kooboo Tips and Tricks
    A modern, web Content Management System is a tool that allows users to build complex websites, drawing in content from a multitude of disparate data sources and presenting them in ever more elegant ways. In order to cater for changing data schemas and evolving presentation techniques, a good CMS needs to provide fairly low-level access
  • Note-Worthy Kooboo Forum Threads
    Some of the discussions on the Kooboo Forums stand out as being worth making a note of and remembering. This is an on-going list of links to useful forum discussions.