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About Us

At Techware One we are more than just a software solutions company; we're passionate about technology and providing our customers with the right solution to meet their needs. We offer an end-to-end software delivery service, including the following aspects.

Our approach

From agile project management, to test driven development. We strive to adopt best practice at every stage of the process. We aim for continual improvement, allowing for innovation without a compromise in quality.

Working with software systems at both ends of the market, from small business to enterprise level. With data varying in nature, from job booking and scheduling, to cataloguing spare parts for vehicle engines. Making content easily searchable even when dealing with tens of millions of records.

Requirements & Design

  • Requirements gathering
  • Systems Analysis
  • Wire-framing
  • Prototyping
  • Solution Architecture Design

Development & Integration

  • Developing
  • Integrating with existing systems
  • Testing
  • Documenting

Deployment & Support

  • Deploying
  • Optimising
  • Supporting
  • Training

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Why choose us?

We believe that only by understanding the whole process can we provide the right solution for our clients.

We specialise in Microsoft .Net technologies to deliver cutting edge web-applications. This knowledge, coupled with extensive Content Management System experience, enables the creation of agile, flexible and extendible solutions to not only meet, but exceed your needs.