Smart Systems
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Our Services

We specialise in creating software systems to support consistent work practices within businesses.

The Problem

Business growth is usually an organic process led by customer demands and marketplace influences. The affect of this on a business can force changes in the way a business operates and the services it provides.

Along with business growth comes the fight to ensure that a quality product or service is delivered to the customer every time.

The first step in ensuring quality after growth is often supported by paper based forms and spreadsheets of information. That solution quickly becomes a bottleneck and a hindrance, which is where we come in.

Looking at the horizon through a crystal ball

How we can help

We can examine your existing systems and processes, identify strengths and weaknesss, highlight optimisation points and define an end-to-end work flow.

Once defined, we can translate that onto a software system that supports the process from end to end.

A quality solution

Our solutions are created using the latest software and best-practice design patterns. Ensuring reliable and flexible software solutions that can adapt to the requirements of the business.

We use web technologies allowing the solutions to be hosted in the cloud or on-site. This ensures easy access for multi-location businesses or solutions that require the end customer to have access points.

We can also integrate our solutions with other pieces of software that you may have. Such as websites, CRM and ERP systems to ensure smooth information flow throughout your business

The outcome and benefits

Once deployed, our software solutions ensure that your staff have all the appropriate information that they need to do their jobs, to follow clearly defined work procedures and deliver the same quality of product to the customer each time.

The same system can keep customers informed of progress and changes with email updates to manage their expectations.

The data contained within the system can also be used to provide insights and analysis to make strategic decisions and drive the business forwards.

Case Studies

A couple of examples of our systems are detailed below: