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ERP Integration Case Study

We were approached by a client that was in the process of deploying a new ERP system to handle the manufacturing process within their factory.

The project

The client asked us to create a website that would allow their staff and customers to easily build and place orders that were then automatically pushed into the new ERP system. The ERP system was Epicor ERP which exposes a number of API web service access points that allowed us to interact with it.

Detailed view of numerical statistics

The requirements stated that Epicor was to remain the sole location for data storage to avoid having to manage and maintain data in multiple locations. So our website was to pull product information from Epicor, transform it into a presentable format and allow customers to build and place orders back into Epicor ERP. Our website would be a stateless conduit between the customer and the ERP system.

We also needed to support multiple branding and themes for the website, so that large customers could have their own instance with their marketing styles when used in their branches and offices.

The biggest challenge with this project was the massively configurable nature of Epicor ERP system. As the team of consultants refined their deployment several times over a 3 year period, our website needed to ensure it adapted to reflect those changes and gracefully handle unexpected scenarios.

The system has now been deployed and is taking orders for a category of products in a number of major chain branches throughout the UK.

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