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A question that I am often asked by clients, is how to improve their business set up of email, calendar scheduling, and synchronisation of that data across multiple devices, and sharing the right level of information with other members of their business or even their spouse and children.

I find myself nearly always making the same recommendation; to use Google Apps for Work:

Share.pngIt is a seamless suite of products at a ridiculously cheap price.  It is perfect for both a single-person business and an enterprise level operation at the same time.  All held and hosted within the cloud, worrying about your data back-up is a thing of the past.

They work using a web browser on the desktop, and apps on tablet and mobile (iOS or Android).

Included in the suite is:

  • Email
  • Address Book
  • Calendar
  • File storage
  • Document creation (text, spread sheet, presentation, etc)
  • Private discussion forums

If you're interested in trying this out for your business then please get in touch.  I often have a limited number of discount vouchers available.