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Case Study

SAM Visual Business Intelligence

The Brief

Techware One worked in partnership with Clik Health Solutions to assist in the development of one of their prime software products; SAM Visualise.

The health care sector benefits strongly from powerful Business Intelligence software. However taking the available raw data and transforming it into a meaningful displays that provide insight can be a challenging prospect.  SAM Visualise is designed to overcome this exact difficulty.

The Solution and Strategy

The Clik Health team have worked in this sector for many years and used their combined experience to define the most meaningful ways to extract value from data. Taking those formulas, and allowing filters to be applied, with the output displayed in a multitude of different layouts resulted in a winning solution.

Clik Health Sam Visual Devices

The Implementation

Techware One worked closely with the Clik Health in-house development team to fast-forward the product development.

The two teams held daily stand-up meetings over Skype. The combined experience of the teams ensured that each were regularly offering insightful suggestions that moved the project forward in a way that neither team would have achieved alone.

Hosted in the Azure cloud with Git source control and continuous integration enabled the project to take on a dynamic presence that was constantly evolving.

The Outcome

The resulting product is a powerful tool that is an asset to the health care industry and professionals across the board.

Please contact Clik Health Solutions if you like to know more about this project or are interested in a product demonstration.